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Lincewood Primary School

Online Safety for Kids

We recently had an Online Safety competition where children were encouraged to design posters for of tips and advice on online Safety. Well done to Harper (1P), Ada (4N), Abigail (5C) and Nicola (6B) for their winning designs, which are now the screensavers on our Computing Suite computers!

We encourage you to look through the winners here:

Online Safety Poster Winning Designs!


Click on the headings below to get more help, tips and advice...

How much time should I spend online?

Watch this video for more help on spending time online:





You can find out loads more here:



Watching Videos

Aged 4, 5, 6 or 7?

Watch this video for tips and advice:



Aged 8 or older? 

Look at the tips below:


Click here for more for me help and advice:



Did you know all games have an age rating? This is called PEGI rating and it is designed to ensure you only play games that are safe.

Always check the game you're playing to see if it is for your age, and check what type of things you might see by looking at the content descriptors:



Have a look here for some more tips and advice:



Chatting Online

Have a look here for some more tips and advice:


or here:



Sharing Photos or Videos


Have a look here for some more tips and advice:



Keep it Private!


On most Apps you can choose who can see any information you put online.

Make sure you check you're using the correct privacy settings:

Speak to an adult to help you do this, using the link below. You should be able to find advice on privacy settings for the device and/or App you're using here: https://www.internetmatters.org/parental-controls/


Online Bullying

Being bullied online. This is called Cyberbullying and it's not your fault.

Watch this video for some advice:


Have a look here for some more tips and advice:



What to do if you're worried

For more advice on what to do if you're worried, click here: https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/8_10/worried/



Want to learn more? Click below for some links to the BBC Online Safety advice and guidance:

How can you be safe online? (Years 1&2)

Your online safety (Years 3-6)