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Lincewood Primary School

Our Governors

Staff Governors

Appointing Body - Staff

Mr Simon Barbero

Parent Governors

Appointing Body - Parents

Mrs Rhian Spivack

Mrs Nadia Johnstone

Community Co-opted Governors

Appointing Body - Governing Body

Mrs Hilary Scarnell Chair of Governors

Mrs Sallie Falvey

Miss Trudy Odum

Mr Ben Levi 

Miranda Oghogho

Local Authority Governors

Appointing Body - Local Authority

Faye KnightSafeguarding & On-Line Safety Governor

Associate Members

Appointing Body - Governing Body


Ex- Officio

Mrs Julie Braithwaite (Headteacher)

Governors' Statement of Written Principles

At Lincewood Primary School we believe that children can only learn effectively if they feel safe, secure and happy.

Together we nurture curiosity and positivity to promote aspiration and build prosperous futures. Through our community we inspire strength, resilience and equality for the wellbeing of all.

At Lincewood, though our ICARE core values, we aim to be:

Our ultimate aim is to promote self-discipline and to offer pupils incentives to work hard and conduct themselves appropriately.  We use a Thrive approach to our behaviour management and set high expectations of our entire school community.  We use positivity and rewards to encourage pupils to be and do their very best. 

Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Ethos and Values including Thrive

The Role of the Governor

The role of the Governing Body is to help the Head Teacher to ensure that all our children are happy, safe and are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We are responsible for all aspects of the School from agreeing the curriculum to how money is spent on resources such as books, computers, pencils, the upkeep of buildings and grounds etc.

Our role is to act as a critical friend to the school by ensuring that standards and the achievements of the children and teachers continues to be of the highest possible.     

Governors have a collective responsibility for important financial decisions in the school. Governors complete skills matrices to ensure the necessary skills are in place. Governors have identified that the overall strategy for the school is 'to provide a quality standard of education to local primary age children using all the resources we have available to us to maximise the opportunities we can make available to them and be the local school of choice'.

School Governors come from all walks of life and experiences. If you are interested in joining us, no particular skills are required as full training is included at our expense.  Being a School Governor is however a very interesting role and one where you can help shape the future of our young people and our communities.

Annual Governance Statement 2022.23

Governors Business Interests 2023/2024

Instrument of Governance

Attendance at meetings 2023/2024

Attendance at meetings data 2022/2023

Pay Committee Attendance data 2023/2024

Pay Committee Attendance data 2022/2023