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Lincewood Primary School

ICARE Values Competition

Say hello to our new Lincewood ICARE Characters


Challenge: Create a story about one of the characters



  • You must give your character a name

  • The character must display their value in the story
    (For example, the Curious Crab must show how he is curious!)

  • The story must be between 100 and 300 words.

  • You can write the story on paper (ask the office for a competition sheet), or record yourself telling the story creatively. You can also get parents, carers or siblings to help you write it if you’d like!

  • Use the success criteria to help you (scroll down the page)



Deadline: Submit your story by Monday 23rd January to Mr Towers, or email it to office@lincewood.essex.sch.uk. Please include your name, class and your chosen character.


Click here to view an example story about a Curious Crab!


We look forward to reading/hearing your entries!