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Lincewood Primary School


On Wednesday 12th July 2023, six year 5 pupils from each of the Cresco schools were invited to come to Lincewood Primary School to take part in the Cresco Coding Challenge. In the challenge the children had to use Block Coding (similar to what is used in the ‘Scratch’ program), to design their version of the famous Flappy Bird game. All children then enjoyed playing each others’ games before voting on their winners.








 Flappy Bird Change



The Shark Chase




 Use the WR code to access the games on a tablet or phone, or alternatively use the weblink underneath.


Thank you everyone for taking part and we hoped you enjoyed the event.


Feel free to click on the link below to view all the Cresco Coders Flappy Bird games that they have coded themselves:

All Cresco Coders' Flappy Bird Games